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Furbabies is all about removing an animal from a bad situation to a better one!

The rescue was created in 2013 and operates within the Birmingham area to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats and kittens. We are a voluntary organisation that relies completely on the generosity of its followers. We are grateful for your support, without it we wouldn’t be able to help the cats and kittens who often come to us in very desperate situations.

Furbabies give cats a chance where others have given up. We do not have a sanctuary centre, all of our cats are placed within foster homes so we gain a better understanding of their personalities and behaviour. Furbabies is proud of the fact that we do not discriminate against any cat’s age, looks or history. We believe every single cat that comes into rescue deserves a chance to be happy and find their forever home. Furbabies successfully registered as a Charity in December 2017

The Adoption Process

We stay in contact with adopters and provide further advice and support if and when needed. We always encourage our adopters to stay in touch and post updates to our Facebook page.

We recognise that on very rare occasions that some adoptions may not be successful through no fault of any party and are happy to take the cat back regardless of the reason or circumstances.

Make an Enquiry

Make an enquiry about a cat via the Facebook page, the website, or giving Mandy or Kim a call

Home Visit

A home visit will be arranged to have an informal chat, to discuss which cat would suit you best and more importantly to ensure that the potential forever home meets the rehoming criteria

Review and Decision

After the Furbabies team have had a discussion about your home check you will receive a phone call to let you know whether it was successful or not


If the home visit was successful, a time can be arranged for you to come and meet the cat you are looking to adopt

Set the Date

After meeting the cat and you have made the decision to adopt, a date for adoption is set

£60 Adoption Fee and What is Included

The cat is fully vaccinated, is flea and worm treated, is micro-chipped and neutered (if old enough). If the cat is not old enough a half price neuter voucher is available. A starter pack is also provided, which includes: a sample of litter, a litter tray, a sample of food, food and water bowl, toys and a bed/blanket.

Our Rehoming Policies

All potential adoptions require a home check and there is a £60 adoption fee per cat or kitten. We strive to consider each adoption enquiry on an individual basis and encourage you to contact us if you would like further information. We would not rehome a cat to the following:

Anyone who is under

the age of 24

We have this policy as it is a legal requirement to not rehome cats to anyone under the age of 18 but also because we feel at this age young adults are more responsible

Anyone who lives in short term letted accommodation

We have this policy for the simple fact that a lot of our cats find themselves in rescue due to their owners losing their letted accommodation, change of landlord, houses being sold etc. However Local Authority Housing is considered

Anyone who lives on or near main roads or railway tracks (this does not apply to indoor cats)

We have this policy due to the high risk of an outdoor cat getting injured or run over

If you have a resident cat we would need to see proof that he/she is fully vaccinated

We have this policy in place in order to stop cross contamination and protect the well-being of both the resident and the adopted cat

Cats For Adoption

Take a look at some of the cats and kittens who are still looking for their forever homes.





Violet and Audrey







Cats in Foster


Cats Rehomed



Your donations help cats get back on their paws. Please donate to support Furbabies, to help to give cats a better life.

Become A Fosterer

Our Fosterers play a vital part of the rescue, without them we wouldn’t exist

A slightly different criteria applies to fosterers so if you don’t want to make the big commitment of adopting a cat, fostering may be the perfect option for you.

We provide everything the cat/kitten will need during their time in foster care and we cover all veterinary costs. There is absolutely NO cost to you at all. All you will need to provide is lots of TLC and a separate room if you already have cat/s of your own. If you can help please get in touch with Mandy: 07760478521 or Kim: 07517 056469

Furbabies only uses foster homes as we do not  have a sanctuary. We find it more beneficial to the cats, as the foster families are able to handle and socialise them.  We are therefore able to get a better idea about the cat’s personalities which makes it easier to find the perfect home as we are able to better match cats to families.

It is Furbabies policy to place the cats and kittens in our care within a homely environment, the fosterers love and care for these cats as if they were their own. Our fosterers are the eyes and the ears of the rescue as they are the ones who update us with photos and regular insights to their personalities.

Murtle’s Story

Murtle came into rescue after being found collapsed on the streets. Murtle was in a very bad way, she was extremely thin, covered in fleas and had a huge abscess on her face. A kind member of the public scooped her up and brought her to us.

Murtle was booked in to see a vet immediately, we were surprised when the vets aged her at 16 years old! Murtle had the abscess removed, was flea treated and put on a higher quality diet. It was clear that Murtle had been someone’s pet as she was an extremely fussy girl, sadly she was not micro chipped and no one came forward to claim her after being advertised. Murtle went into foster and went from strength to strength, she put on lots of weight and loved all of the fuss and attention she received. Due to Murtle’s age we were not very hopeful that she would find a forever home, as sadly older cats often get overlooked. To our surprise after a year of being in foster we received a message from a couple in Plymouth. A home check was completed and the 8 hour round trip was worth it due to the home being a magnificent pass! Murtle found the perfect retirement home which came with a cattio and two resident cats to play with. Despite her age Murtle was still very much like a kitten, so playful and so much life to give.

Polly Pocket’s Story

Polly pocket was originally found by a member of the public who was taking a walk in a park, they heard some very strange meowing. After further investigation they found a five week old Polly Pocket sealed inside a cardboard box.

They soon noticed that something was terribly wrong, Polly Pocket’s eye was infected and bulging. They brought Polly Pocket to us and a vet appointment was sought immediately. Sadly the eye was too far gone to save and had to be surgically removed, her other eye was in a bad way but the vets believed she still had blood flow to it so didn’t have to be removed at that point in time. Despite Polly Pocket’s size she recovered extremely well from the surgery. She was running around in her foster home and playing with toys that jingled. Polly Pocket soon doubled in size and had no further problems with her eye. Polly Pocket inevitably became a foster fail when her foster mom couldn’t bear to part with her. Polly Pocket now lives with her five other adopted siblings.


Take a look of just a few comments, of what our adopters had to say about Furbabies.

‘”Furbabies were on hand to answer any questions I had on the lead up to adoption. Nothing was too much for them, the starter pack was exquisite everything you could need. Almost a week later and I still received friendly communication, these guys really love what they do and know exactly which cat is right for you.”

Adopted maurice

“We adopted our lovely Dibbly and the service we received was fantastic, Kim and Mandy are great and because the cats are kept in foster homes, before they are adopted, ours settled into normal home life straight away. You get everything they need when you adopt, could not fault them at all.”

Adopted Dibbly

“Furbabies went through everything with me when I collected Buster as well as everything I needed to get him settled. I couldn’t recommend Furbabies enough, our previous cat was from RSPCA and they were great but Furbabies have a personal touch.”

Adopted Buster

“We trawled Facebook and other organisations and we found a link to Furbabies and I have never looked back. Furbabies are so into making sure that you and the cats are right for each other, and no matter how many times you speak to them, they are so supportive. Please don’t hesitate to go to Furbabies for you next kitty.”

Adopted Rosie & Morgan

“Furbabies are a truly wonderful organistion, they’re tireless in their efforts and it’s always pleasing to read their happy endings. The wonderful Libby came to live with us and she is an absolute delight! What is even better is that the staff at Furbabies offer support while your adoptee is settling in, so any worries you have, they are always there for you. I recommend them to anyone that I hear is looking for a new member of the family. Their knowledge is very extensive but will never treat you like you know any less, I see them as a friendly extended family.”

Adopted Libby

“Furbabies are a fantastic charity, very friendly and really care about what they do. Thank you, you’ve made Sharon and I into a family.”

Adopted Misty

Our Awesome Team

Furbabies are lucky to have an amazing team who work tirelessly to manage the day-to-day running of the rescue and raise vital funds










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