Furbabies is all about removing an animal from a bad situation to a better one!

The rescue was created in 2013 and operates within the Birmingham area to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats and kittens. We are a voluntary organisation that relies completely on the generosity of its followers. We are grateful for your support, without it we wouldn’t be able to help the cats and kittens who often come to us in very desperate situations.

Furbabies give cats a chance where others have given up. We do not have a sanctuary centre, all of our cats are placed within foster homes so we gain a better understanding of their personalities and behaviour. Furbabies is proud of the fact that we do not discriminate against any cat’s age, looks or history. We believe every single cat that comes into rescue deserves a chance to be happy and find their forever home.

Furbabies successfully registered as a Charity in December 2017.