Yoda’s story

Yoda was found, all on his own, at 5 weeks of age on the streets. Yoda was given his name due to the size of his ears! Yoda’s eyes were in a terrible state, they were that infected and swollen shut. We weren’t sure there were any eyes left to save! After lots of trips to the vets and medication, we finally discovered that Yoda had two healthy eyes that didn’t require surgery after all.

Yoda found his forever home with a lovely family in Rugby. As you can see from the photo Yoda grew up to be an extremely handsome cat who has no problems with his sight despite his traumatic start in life.

Gladys’ story

Gladys was another little baby that was found abandoned by her mum. She was found all alone in a garden at two weeks old. The finder waited to see if mum returned but sadly she didn’t and help was sought.

Initially Gladys was hand-reared until she was put with another litter of kittens and their mum. Gladys was accepted into the brood and although was a lot smaller than her adopted brothers, grew stronger and stronger. It didn’t take Gladys long to find her forever home, especially with those ‘puss in boots’ eyes!

Murtle’s Story

Murtle came into rescue after being found collapsed on the streets. Murtle was in a very bad way, she was extremely thin, covered in fleas and had a huge abscess on her face. A kind member of the public scooped her up and brought her to us. Murtle was booked in to see a vet immediately, we were surprised when the vets aged her at 16 years old! Murtle had the abscess removed, was flea treated and put on a higher quality diet. It was clear that Murtle had been someone’s pet as she was an extremely fussy girl, sadly she was not micro chipped and no one came forward to claim her after being advertised. Murtle went into foster and went from strength to strength, she put on lots of weight and loved all of the fuss and attention she received. Due to Murtle’s age we were not very hopeful that she would find a forever home, as sadly older cats often get overlooked. To our surprise after a year of being in foster we received a message from a couple in Plymouth. A home check was completed and the 8 hour round trip was worth it due to the home being a magnificent pass! Murtle found the perfect retirement home which came with a cattio and two resident cats to play with. Despite her age Murtle was still very much like a kitten, so playful and so much life to give.

Polly Pocket’s Story

Polly pocket was originally found by a member of the public who was taking a walk in a park, they heard some very strange meowing. After further investigation they found a five week old Polly Pocket sealed inside a cardboard box. They soon noticed that something was terribly wrong, Polly Pocket’s eye was infected and bulging. They brought Polly Pocket to us and a vet appointment was sought immediately. Sadly the eye was too far gone to save and had to be surgically removed, her other eye was in a bad way but the vets believed she still had blood flow to it so didn’t have to be removed at that point in time. Despite Polly Pocket’s size she recovered extremely well from the surgery. She was running around in her foster home and playing with toys that jingled. Polly Pocket soon doubled in size and had no further problems with her eye. Polly Pocket inevitably became a foster fail when her foster mom couldn’t bear to part with her. Polly Pocket now lives with her five other adopted siblings.