All potential adoptions require a home check and there is a £60 adoption fee per cat or kitten. We strive to consider each adoption enquiry on an individual basis and encourage you to contact us if you would like further information. 

We would not rehome a cat to the following:

Anyone who is under the age of 24

We have this policy as it is a legal requirement to not rehome cats to anyone under the age of 18 but also because we feel at this age young adults are more responsible.

Anyone who lives in short term rented accommodation

We have this policy for the simple fact that a lot of our cats find themselves in rescue due to their owners losing their rented accommodation, change of landlord, houses being sold etc. However Local Authority Housing is considered .

Anyone who lives on or near main roads or railway tracks (this does not apply to indoor cats)

We have this policy due to the high risk of an outdoor cat getting injured or run over.

If you have a resident cat we would need to see proof that he/she is fully vaccinated

We have this policy in place in order to stop cross contamination and protect the well-being of both the resident and the adopted cat.